allowExternalNameServices parameter not working well in helm chart

I just realized that externalNames are no longer allowed by default in Traefik 2.0 so I added allowExternalNameServices: true and allowEmptyServices: true as mentioned here, I ran helm upgrade using my values files with both parameters and I can see that the helm chart has the new values in place but I continue seeing in the logs:

time="2021-09-03T03:14:08Z" level=error msg="externalName services not allowed: devops/dev-canales-esvc" providerName=kubernetescrd ingress=dev-canales-ingress-route-tls namespace=devops

This is how the configuration looks in my helm chart:

    allowEmptyServices: true
    allowExternalNameServices: true
    enabled: true
    ingressClass: stg-traefik
    namespaces: []
    throttleDuration: 10s
    allowEmptyServices: true
    allowExternalNameServices: true
    enabled: true
    ingressClass: stg-traefik-ing
    namespaces: []
      enabled: false

What could be causing the problem?

I tried also using the flag --providers.kubernetescrd.allowexternalnameservices=true as mentioned [here]( but it didn't work, it seems to be an issue with Traefik v2.5.2`, I had to roll back my edge router to version 2.4.9 which doesn't disable externalName, any help is highly appreciated.

helm upgrade stg-traefik traefik/traefik -f stg-values.yaml --namespace stg-traefik-ingress --set providers.kubernetescrd.allowexternalnameservices=true


Hello @lungosta

Thanks for your interest in Traefik!

It seems that this option is not configurable right now with the Helm chart, as there is an open PR for that:

Thus, as per this comment on PR #457, did you tried this:

  - "--providers.kubernetesingress.allowemptyservices=true"
  - "--providers.kubernetesingress.allowexternalnameservices=true"
  - "--providers.kubernetescrd.allowemptyservices=true"
  - "--providers.kubernetescrd.allowexternalnameservices=true"

Hi @rtribotte thanks for your prompt answer, it didn't work either, I guess we will need to wait for someone to fix the helm chart, for now I continue working with v2.4.9.

I appreciate your help here.