Access log for TCP routers

I have enabled access log but it does not log anything for TCP routers (logs are correctly handled with HTTP routers though). Is there a way to log incoming traffic for TCP routers so I can get details on the client and the port it uses ? I have several TCP entrypoints exposed (some in plain text, some secured) and I'd like to know the port used by the different clients. If Traefik cannot handle the TCP router's log directly, is that possible to get them from a middleware ?
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You can only see the TCP/UDP handle requests at log.level=DEBUG and this is in the 'traefik' log not the access log.

Even then it is pretty bare:

time="2021-01-26T16:38:47Z" level=debug msg="Handling connection from"

I see you(?) have created an issue. Linking here for others.

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