Academy content has me stumped with an error in setup... deployments.apps "traefik" not found error

Hello, I'm hitting a roadblock... at the course:

I would be very happy if someone could point me in the right direction of where to learn about fixing this, or a guide. Not limited to letting me know also if this isn't the right area or resource for help on this. I'm taking the Traefik Academy course. And I'm in the "Access the Dashboard With Port Forwarding" portion of "The Practice"

My environment: Mac OSX Docker desktop latest version as of today, with it's Kubernetes v1.22.5 installed. (Mac has all the bells and whistles for hardware, and is fully updated, but that isn't relevant I don't think, correct me if I'm wrong please)

command attempted: kubectl -n kube-system port-forward deploy/traefik 9000:9000

I've hit a roadblock in the install portion of Traefik with Kubernetes, my error is:

% kubectl -n kube-system port-forward deploy/traefik 9000:9000

Error from server (NotFound): deployments.apps "traefik" not found

I've looked extensively at everything I can find, however seeing how to add Traefik as a resource on deploy eludes me. Sources include docs at Traefik, the community at Traefik, Reddit, StackExchange, Medium, and many Kubernetes guides.

Is there a possible source on how to add Traefik to the deployment.apps so I can finish the academy content on Traefik?


Hi @pauljnorg ,

Traefik is not deployed to the kube-system namespace by default, so this might be a mistake on the instruction presented as exemple in the course. I didn't went through the course to confirm but I'll see with the team fix it if that's the case.

To correctly create a port-forward to Traefik you must target it's deployment on the right namespace, it should be "traefik" or even the "default" namespace, to confirm you can list namespaces and then deployments on those namespaces with:

# List namespaces
kubectl get namespaces

# List deployments on a namespace
kubectl get deployment -n <namespace-name>