404 on IngressRoute in kubernetes with AWS ELB


I am trying to set up an IngressRoute for a reverse proxy and instead of getting the page I would expect to see I am receiving a 404. I installed traefik via helm and the service is using an AWS ELB, with ssl terminated at the elb, backend protocol set to http, lb ssl port 443, cross-zone lb'ing and connection draining enabled.

I have the connection terminated at the elb because I am using another cloud WAF outside aws for protection and we are also terminating tls there, so:
Cloud WAF w/ tls cert => AWS ELB w/ tls cert => traefik inside k8s <= it stops right here, I can see my accesses to the reverse proxy in the access log, but not getting to my API pod endpoint.

If I try both http or https I get the same error. I did not make any changes to the web and websecure ports that are set in helm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!