307 Redirect not followed

Hello i have an origin server proxed by traefik that in some cases gives a 307 redirect, to a totally different scheme/host/port actually this redirect is not followed by traefik but directly given to the client...

So basically actually the client ask for https://host1/path123 (served by traefik)
and gets what the origin server responds (host2 is reachable only by traefik, not the client):

Location: http://host2:1234/path456

i just want that traefik internally follows the 307 redirect given by the origin retriving the final resource for the client.. how can this be accomplished?

PS. the configuration is pretty basic, just struggling finding an options that can help reaching the goal but did not found anything helpful..

      - websecure
      service: myorigin
      rule: Host(`host1`)
        certresolver: blabla

          - url: https://originserver

I don't think that is possible. How should Traefik determine which status to use (and follow) and which status to just pass back to the original client? AFAIK the status and response is always passed back to the client.

I was thinking about something like followRedirects flag that already exist but seems only for the healtcheck, so for each service the choice is up to the user..

Actually i'm trying with a very-non-elegant solution, replacing the Location header with something under my (traefik) control maybe with GitHub - bitrvmpd/traefik-plugin-rewrite-headers

EDIT: i can confirm that with this plugin at least i'm able to rewrite the response and give the client a valid Location