Documentation Terminology: rewrite

How does one do:
-- URL rewrites
-- URL redirect 307s

Has configuration example with comment "# Redirect with domain replacement." If "rewrite" = replacement, and then this does not make sense. Perhaps Traefik has different terminology than nginx? I thought it was HTTP standard, though.

I want a backend service to answer on a different URL than a remote is requesting on without the remote or backend realizing it. I also do not want redirection as the remote does not allow it.

Maybe you are looking for the loadBalancer directives?

Is this the setup you are looking at?
Client -- ( --> traefik --> ( --> [example2 app]

You might want the loadBalancer directive then:

Thanks, but I don't think that is it. I have tried with a load balancing directive under each docker service as a label for traefik. I'm trying to get to the bottom of HTTP terminology and how it maps to Traefik. So the various redirects (defined by their numbers like "307") and rewrite are straightforward in nginx because they have the same name. However, in Traefik the documentation does not mention them anywhere - and the ones it does mention I don't know if it means the same ("replacement," for example). I've spent so many hours on this and I'm getting sick of the Traefik team directing me to the sales team which wants $5k/yr or the documentation.