Yet another 404 page not found

Hi, I'm sorry for posting another 404 page not found issue, but I am not getting this right

I am trying to use GitHub - localtunnel/localtunnel: expose yourself to access a development site running on my computer - behind traefik
The address of the site is https://website.test/ and locally over chrome and curl I can see it

I set up the local tunnel like this

node/v10.18.1/bin/lt --local-host=website.test --subdomain=test-website --print-requests --local-https=1 --port=443

When I request the url I see the requests in my access log

xxx.94.48.6, - - [29/Jul/2021:07:31:45 +0000] "GET /?foo=bar HTTP/1.1" - - "-" "-" 245 "-" "-" 0ms

But I get a 404 page not found

I have setup my routes like

HostRegexp(`{subdomain:.+}.website.test`) || Host(`website.test`) || HostHeader(`website.test`) || Headers(`x-forwarded-host`, ``) || Query(`foo=bar`)
      - traefik.http.routers.${WARDEN_ENV_NAME}-nginx.rule=
        || Host(`${TRAEFIK_DOMAIN}`)
        || HostHeader(`${TRAEFIK_DOMAIN}`)
        || Headers(`x-forwarded-host`, ``)
        || Query(`foo=bar`)

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but when I access https://website.test/ locally it works

Can you spot the mistake I am making?

Thank you for the help!