X-Forwarded-Proto: https

Im trying to adapt code from launchpad/config.yml at master · techno-tim/launchpad · GitHub and im wondering what is X-Forwarded-Proto: https because im following the traefik docs configs from here DNS Challenge - Traefik and added this for redirection EntryPoints - Traefik.


So the docs push you to using websecure which is https. So does X-Forwarded-Proto: https need to be X-Forwarded-Proto: websecure or that doesnt matter in the dynamic config?

Hello @rombo,

This header is set by checking out which protocol is used by the request going to Traefik.

websecure is a name commonly used to define the entrypoint that handles secured HTTP connections. HTTPs is the protocol.

There is no use for this header in the DNS challenge.