X-Forwarded-Host contains port

Should the X-Forwarded-Host contain the port info or is this exclusive to X-Forwarded-Port and should be completely seperate.
Because right now I ran into some issues because of this with authentication @ authentik.
From the logs I noticed that the host info contained the port if it was used explicitly, test request sent with postman.

"X-Forwarded-Host": [
"X-Forwarded-Method": [
"X-Forwarded-Port": [

I would say in general the host contains hostname and port, see random URL explanation.

Is there a way to dynamically remove the port from the host to only have the hostname? The only way I know is to statically set X-Forwarded-Host traefik.http.middlewares.whoami-headers.headers.customrequestheaders.X-Forwarded-Host=whoami.example.org
As the Authentik, my auth provider does not expect ports to be sent in the Host.

Are you not able to use $host and $port as substitution values?