Wildcard certificate on demand with docker-compose / rancher


Here is my problem as simply explain as I can : Here is an extract from documentation :
onHostRule option can not be used to generate wildcard certificates (https://docs.traefik.io/configuration/acme/#onhostrule)

This is a possibilty I greatly needed. Is it for a technical reason I miss or is it just because it's just not yet implemented ?

Thanks in advance

I don't know for the technical reason, but for sure, the goal of using the onHostRule is to avoid wildcard, as the team in charge of the backend are able to provide the domains for your backend to be reach through, but keeping this list finite.

Can you elaborate the use case you have that requires the wildcard to be specified through the frontend rules?

Sure I can elaborate.

We've got a multisite wordpress. Each time a new client come we create a new site.
So in production we 've got like:

- client1.mysite.com
- client2.mysite.com
- client3.mysite.com

This duplication are made by an other team without our team being aware of it.

With a wildcard *.mysite.com. No problem in production.

But in validation stage we need to dynamicly create stack without knowing the end url.




So I would like to generate a wildward certificate *.ticket-42.mysite.com or *.ticket-122.mysite.com on the fly when the stack is instantiate in rancher.