Why dashboard ingress in Helm Chart with post-install and post-upgrade hooks?


is there a particular reason why the dashboard ingress in the Helm chart is created with Helm post-install and post-upgrade hooks?

This is currently creating issues in my setup, where I do my deployments with ArgoCD. Argo respects those annotations and ignores the resources with it, as the annotations are normally used for init jobs and the like, that are deleted after successful execution.

This way, when I update the dashboard in Git or manipulate the resource in the cluster, all the auto-syncing and auto-healing functionalities are not working.

Here are the two commits, that introduced the annotations:

If there is no reason to do this I would probably create a PR to either remove it or make it configurable.

Thanks in advance!



It was related to install order with first versions of Helm v3, to be sure that everything is here.

Nowadays, there is no (good) reason to keep this IngressRoute as a hook.

With this PR, dashboard got annotations expected by Helm in version 15.3.1 of the Helm Chart.

When this PR will be merged, it should become a regular resource managed by Helm.

You are welcome to improve this PR.