Whitelist SourceRange via docker-compose IS NOT respected

Please can somebody have a look

Just found out that my docker config part for sourceRange is no longer working! I tested it like year ago and it worked - restricting access only to specific prefixes..
Whiteliste sourcerange via file config still works.

Was on version 1.7.16 and tested it for the latest (v1) as well 1.7.20.. this is crucial security bridge.

Linux Debian Buster
docker -v
Docker version 19.03.5, build 633a0ea838
docker-compose -v
docker-compose version 1.25.3, build d4d1b42b

None of the following was understood by traefik:

- traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=
- traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=[]
- traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=,
- traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=,
- traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=[,]
- "traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange="
- "traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=[]"
- "traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=,"
- "traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=,"
- "traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange=[,]"

traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange: ","
traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange: [,]
traefik.frontend.whitelist.sourceRange: ["", ""]

When whitelisting through docker labels source range is no longer respected and allows everything :frowning:

Appreciate, Michal


The syntax is:

- "traefik.frontend.whiteList.sourceRange=,"

Sorry for freaking out.. that change whitelist -> whiteList had to be introduced in one 1.7 version.. thx for taking a look, Michal