Whitelist a country, show captcha to country except whitelisted ASNs

I would like to know if this is achievable with traefik (and crowdsec).

I would like to only allow access to a website for certain countries, the rest should be blocked.
Inside that country, I have a list of ASNs that I consider to be probably non-malicious. For all of the rest, I would like to show a captcha on the first visit and not again for the next x days.
If there is anything wrong with an IP from the "good" ASNs, I would like to be able to also give them a captcha/ban.

For the first part, I assume I can use GitHub - JonasSchubert/traefik-allow-countries: A Traefik plugin to allow only certain countries and block everything else. and I know about crowdsec-bouncer-traefik-plugin/examples/captcha/README.md at main · maxlerebourg/crowdsec-bouncer-traefik-plugin · GitHub for the second part but I am not sure if it can be configured in the way that I want it.

Is there a way to do it or is that something I am better off asking crowdsec about?