Webpages not loading correctly

i am trying to get a docker web application working i am using dynamic config docker labels.
If i connect to my container with port it works fine through traefik it doesn't work.
using web inspector it is trying to load links that are local to traefik instead of the service
example link http://docker-dev.local/multihyperdeck/images/avatar.jpg
but is loading as http://docker-dev.local/images/avatar.jpg

labels i am using

traefik.enable	true
traefik.http.routers.multihyperdeck.entrypoints	web
traefik.http.routers.multihyperdeck.rule	Host(`docker-dev.local`) && PathPrefix(`/multihyperdeck`)
traefik.http.services.multihyperdeck.loadbalancer.server.port	80

how can i fix this to load things properly without modifying the docker container image.

It could be the service also needs to be aware of the path prefix. Its pretty common, look for reverse proxy configuration documentation/examples for it.

the service was written for php html its fairly basic. I know a little about coding here and there the service was a just a app that i converted to docker. but again it works properly if i go to the ipaddress:port but not when using traefik. the original developer no longer exsists for the web app so any configuration changes to traefik to solve this issue is what i am needing to do.

It works using ipaddr:port WITH a path prefix ?

No path prefix. Tried using path prefix and the links were ignored.

Louis Gutenschwager

So that service would need to be updated to support a path prefix. The software I have seen will use an environment variable or flag to set ROOT_URL, ROOT_PATH, BASE_URL or something similar.

An interesting one I've seen used by Graylog was using an HTTP header X-Graylog-Server-URL.