V2 entrypoints unclear

Hi I am new to V2 and struggling with the configuration. Using the new crds. I notice that the entrypoint for the ingressroute takes a specific name "web". Any idea where this is defined? I have tried using a different name in the deployment and the route crd does not pick it up. Secondly, all looks good in the configuration and dashboard also shows the router and the backing service, but my context path does not work. The access log errors out with a 404 and trefik log shows nothing. Can someone point me to a good github example? I am using the traefik github example as my starting point. I can share my configuration if needed. Thanks.

I checked the ingressroute and I am seeing this:

W0621 07:54:38.006226       1 reflector.go:326] pkg/mod/k8s.io/client-go@v0.17.3/tools/cache/reflector.go:105: watch of *v1alpha1.IngressRoute ended with: an error on the 
server ("unable to decode an event from the watch stream: unable to decode watch event: 
v1alpha1.IngressRoute.Spec: v1alpha1.IngressRouteSpec.EntryPoints: []string: ReadString: expects \" or n, but found 8, error found in #10 byte of ...|Points\":[80],\"routes|..., bigger context ...
[{\"kind\":\"Rule\",\"match\":\"PathPrefix(`/|...") has prevented the request from succeeding

Ok I figured it out and it works fine. I just wish the documentation were not this terse. If anyone, is getting on board new to V2 and running into issues give me a holler.

Hi, I am facing an issue in setting up traefik using ingress route and crd. Can you please share you sample config files. I have described my issue at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62780325/traefik-v2-2-ingress-route-example-not-working

Hi. Its been a while since I checked the messages hence the delay. Looks like the ingress route is not set right. Not sure, can you publish the traefik logs and turn on debug logging at least if not tracing? Also your access logs. That might give me a better idea.