V1alpha1 CRD objects

Hi there!

I noticed that some of the Traefik's CRDs have a "v1alpha1" api version:

  • TLSStore / TLSOptions
  • Middleware / MiddlewareTCP
  • IngressRoute / IngressRouteTCP / IngressRouteUDP
  • TraefikServices
  • ServersTransport

I wanted to ask what is the general view on using these in production workloads, as we tend to be quite careful on using components that may not be stable and subject to change.

Hello @msaitz and thanks for your interest in Traefik,

Even if the CRDs have the v1alpha1 API version, they are considered stable. This means that in minor Traefik versions (v2.x) we will never do breaking changes (we are following semver, only new fields will be added). Changing, the API version when making changes and/or moving from v1alpha1 might be something to consider for a new major version.