Using Traefik with Google Domains


I'm trying to install Traefik on my docker test environment to get SSL certificates for my own home services. Domoticz, Unifi, Portainer etc. I have followed a few youtube video's on how to setup Traefik on docker.

I have registered a domain name with Google Domians with my Gmail account. So I have a domain registration called for example I also have created an ACME DNS Token on the Google Domains page. What I only see in the examples that al is referring to Cloudflare.

Is or does somebody have an example on how to use this with Google Domains, so an example of the docker-compose.yaml file and traefik.yaml file please. Because in the TLS section of the documentation I can't find Google Domains as TLS provider. I do find Google Cloud DNS.

My goal is that I can use let's encrypt for having SSL certificates on my home services.

When I started Traefik I only see its self signed certificate and not the one for

You only need the more complicated dnsChallenge when you need wild card certificates. If your routers have a fixed Host(), then just use tlsChallenge.

Simple Traefik example with tlsChallenge.


Never mind. I see the issue. The current traefik release uses lego 4.10.2 and the googledomains dns provider is in 4.11. It will be available in the upcoming release of traefik. I saw where the update has been merged.




Did you ever get dns challenges working with Google Domains?