Using Traefik as secondary ingress controller

Hi People,

I installed microk8s in my ubuntu 18.04 box, which comes with nginx as ingress controller.

I wish to use Traefik as a secondary ingress controller. So I tagged some services with nginx, others with traefik.
Services tagged with nginx work fine - especially traefik web ui - but I can't reach the service tagged traefik with the fqdn.

  • I can see the service in traefik web ui so the ingress is recognised by traefik.
  • If I change the tag on the ingress to nginx, it works fine.

Here is my traefik.toml :

defaultEntryPoints = ["http","https"]
ingressClass = "traefik"
  address = ":32001"
    entryPoint = "https"
  address = ":30443"
dashboard = true

If I try (http:)//myhost:31672, I can reach the service (31672 is the port exposed by the pod).
If I try (http:)//myservice.mydomain, I can't (bad gateway).
If I try (http:)//myservice.mydomain:32001, it doesn't work too (connection reset).