Using traefik as jboss frontend with :port/path

Trying to use Traefik to prettify (+TLS) a jboss app server. Server runs at ip:8080/path/login
Following config (ignore the extra stuff, just playing around with what might work) works great if I go to I get the page at ip:8080 displayed. If I manually go to I get the login.

How can I use traefik to automatically display ip:8080/path/login at

This functionality used to exist in v1 and worked great. In v2 it results in missing assets (due to the relative assets trying to load over http vs https).

  rule = "Host(``)"
  service = "app"
#  middlewares = ["add-app-prefix"]
  entrypoint = ["websecure"]
    certresolver = "letsencrypt"

      url = "http://app-app-prd:8080"

    prefix = "/path/"
    path = "/path/login"
    regex = "^http://app-prd:8080/(.*)"
    replacement = "${1}"