Use a service from file from labels


I want to install Nextcloud AIO with my traefik configuration.
But! In that case, we need to set loadbalancer.servers[0].url = http://localhost:11000 (something like that)
I understood that it is impossible doing that on docker compose labels.

I was wondering how can I set this setting to my actual docker compose runtime?

I have already a dynamic configuration file set with the server url as mentioned in the doc : all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub
But I don't know how to tell traefik with label to use this service set in the file?

Do you have any idea how can I get rid of this?

Thank you and thanks to the traefik team!

To load a dynamic configuration file with Traefik you use providers.file in the static configuration. The static configuration can be a file or use command parameters.

But you should be able to declare dynamic router and service including loadbalancer url with labels. Have you enabled the providers.docker to read labels from Docker containers?