Usage of HeadersRegexp in a Ingress yaml

How do I use the HeadersRegexp in a k8 ingress yaml ?

I have tried various approaches:

    traefik.frontend.rule.type.key: HeadersRegexp
    traefik.frontend.rule.type.value : "Referer,(.*)(deck)(.*)"


    traefik.frontend.rule.type: "HeadersRegexp: Referer,(.*)(deck)(.*)"

and also

annotations: "HeadersRegexp: Referer,(.*)(deck)(.*)"

and none of them seem to be working (unable to see a frontend in traefik dashboard). I was unable to find any docs that show how to do this (if at all this is possible).

After a bit of investigation, I realized I cannot use HeaderRegExp in the ingress yaml definition. I need to use it in the traefik toml definition only. However, I am still trying to figure out a way to use the rule correctly. traefik seems to ignore my rule for now.