Url rewrite and reverse proxy


I have a wordpress site running which is avaible at foo[dot]com, so foo[dot]com/article/1 is a valid link.
Now I want to use my secondary domain (bar[dot]com) to host the same site, so bar[dot]com/article/1 should work.
Since Wordpress is a pain in the ass with redirecting, navigating to bar[dot]com/article/1 would result in a redirect to foo[dot]com/article/1, in order to avoid this I want to URL rewrite the results from Wordpress (in essence, make Wordpress think the request comes from foo[dot]com domain, but let the user believe they are still at the bar[dot]com domain).

In IIS this is possible via the following option: Setup IIS with URL Rewrite as a reverse proxy for real world apps - Microsoft Tech Community
What is the Traefik way to do this?