Update to 2.4.8 broke my tomel | field not found, node: service

Hey there, I updated my Treafik docker instance to the latest (2.4.8) version and I always get an error now.

app_1  | time="2021-04-13T23:57:08+02:00" level=error msg="Cannot start the provider *file.Provider: /etc/traefik/config/proxmox.toml: field not found, node: service"

This doesn't happen to version 2.2.2. I checked the documentation for changes in the configuration toml but I can't see anything.

Here is my config that works on 2.2.2 but not on the latest release:

    rule = "Host(`XXXX`)"
    service = "proxmox"
    entryPoints  = ["web"]
    middlewares = ["redirect-to-https"]

    rule = "Host(`XXXX`)"
    service = "proxmox"
    entryPoints  = ["websecure"]
            certResolver = "letsencrypt"

                url = "https://XXXX:8006"

oh and here is my docker-compose file:

version: "3"
    image: traefik:v2.4.8
      - "--configFile=/etc/traefik/config/traefik.toml"
      - TZ=Europe/Berlin
      - 80:80
      - 443:443
      - 8080:8080
      - 8082:8082
      - ./acme.json:/letsencrypt/acme.json
      - ./config/:/etc/traefik/config

      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
    restart: unless-stopped
    network_mode: host

Can anyone help me find my error? or is that a bug?


should be http.services.proxmox.loadBalancer

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Okay wow thats.. odd...
Well it works now, thanks!

But can you explain why it would work on a different version?
For me, it doesn't make sense that it breaks now at a newer version.

I don't really know. I suspect that the provider is being more strict with unmatched keys. If I parse your toml with python the output just has one hanging empty key:

{'http': {'routers': {'proxmox': {'rule': 'Host(`XXXX`)',
                                  'service': 'proxmox',
                                  'entryPoints': ['web'],
                                  'middlewares': ['redirect-to-https']},
                      'proxmox_ssl': {'rule': 'Host(`XXXX`)',
                                      'service': 'proxmox',
                                      'entryPoints': ['websecure'],
                                      'tls': {'certResolver': 'letsencrypt'}}},
          'services': {'proxmox': {'loadBalancer': {'servers': [{'url': 'https://XXXX:8006'}]}}},
          'service': {'proxmox': {'loadBalancer': {}}}}}

Yeah that could be it, man i just missed a s. damn...

Anyway, thanks again!

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