Unknown entrypoint for ACME configuration

I'm trying to setup Træfik with ACME as described in the user guide. However, I get a fatal error "Unknown entrypoint "https" for ACME configuration". Is there something wrong with my configuration (docker-compose.yml)?

        image: traefik
            - --api
            - --docker
            - --docker.swarmMode
            - --docker.watch
            - --docker.network=http_proxy
            - --docker.exposedByDefault=false
            - --docker.domain=my.domain
            - --logLevel=DEBUG
            - --entryPoints="Name:http Address::80 Redirect.EntryPoint:https"
            - --entryPoints="Name:https Address::443 TLS"
            - --acme
            - --acme.storage=/certificates/
            - --acme.entryPoint=https
            - --acme.httpChallenge.entryPoint=http
            - --acme.email=mail@my.domain
            - --acme.onHostRule=true

The probleme here seems to be with the entryPoints options, because as soon as I add them, Træfik does not work anymore. (Connection refused)

Hello @Tim-Erwin,

As noted in our documentation:

You need to add quotes to the entire entrypoints argument.

This is due to yaml parsing limitations in docker-compose.

Thanks @daniel.tomcej, I've read docs and examples all over the place, but that one somehow evaded me. Seems, it's working now.