Unexpected 404 on some containers

I'm observing from time to time that on some dockers that are running NodeJS services very various interval(in average two/three days) I'm geting response 404 under url where should be this NodeJS service. To make it clear the docker itself and theservce on it is runnng fine, I guess that otherwise it would be 502 error. For the moment restart of the particular docker is helping but ths is the way it shuld be. There are some other services mainly with PHP app on docker and there is no problem with them. Please help, give any hints what I'm going wrong and how to solve this case.

This is with version 1.7.24 but I tried also on 1.7.17, this was reason to update.

I'm using docker with labels - example below:

  - "traefik.enable=true"
  - "traefik.docker.network=web_net"
  - "traefik.maal.frontend.rule=Host:domain.com;PathPrefix:/"
  - "traefik.maal.frontend.redirect.regex=^https?://domain.com/(.*)"
  - "traefik.maal.frontend.redirect.replacement=https://www.domain.com/$${1}"
  - "traefik.maal.frontend.redirect.permanent=true"
  - "traefik.app.frontend.rule=Host:www.domain.com;PathPrefix:/"
  - "traefik.admin.frontend.rule=Host:www.domain.com;PathPrefix:/admin"
  - "traefik.api.frontend.rule=Host:www.domain.com;PathPrefixStrip:/api"
  - "traefik.app.port=8080"
  - "traefik.api.port=3000"
  - "traefik.admin.port=8081"
  - "traefik.tags=web"```