Unable to reach Plex server via custom domain WITHOUT using port number

Server Version#: Version
Player Version#: Version 4.62.1

I am running into the strangest issue where my server shows “Remote Access” available. I can watch movies on my phone remotely, and I can reach the server via https://domainName.com:32400 as long as I use the port number in the URL.

I am unable to reach it via just https://domainName.com. I AM running it behind Traefik proxy (v2.5.2).

Current access https://domainName.com:32400 does not suffice as SSL Certificate is invalid that method.

Any assistance would be appreciated as I have been at this for a week and can't figure out why.


Reach https://domainname.com WITHOUT having to use port number

Hi @jdevstart

Seen it before on here and I think there is a plex thread about this issue too. Basically rev proxy and plex ain't playing nice. It works but that indicator show not available.

I'll link the thread later if you don't find it first.

Thank you for replying @cakiwi

I'll keep looking but haven't found it yet. I also have been on the Plex forums searching on there. If you end up finding the link, I'd much appreciate you for providing it.

Thank goodness it's not me, it's been driving me crazy!!!!

I don't have any skin in the game with this issue so I haven't look beyond what I've seen linked on the Traefik forum. But it seems to occur behind reverse proxies, not traefik in particular.

@cakiwi , again, thank you for taking the time to find those. I actually did find the ones you referenced and had read through them.

Although they are very similar to what I'm running into, it is not what I'm necessarily referring to (I don't think).

I'm not bothered so much by it showing "offline" as I can actually get mine to show online. The issue for me is that I have to include port:32400 from lets say work (if I want to access my Plex server) as opposed to https://mydomain.tld (I have to use https://mydomaintld:32400).

If I do that though, my SSL Certificate comes up as not secure. It's a minor thing as I can proceed to access it and do what I need but for others (like the fam), that will throw them off and they will not know what to do.

I'm pretty sure the earlier post in the thread covered it:

@cakiwi, good sir, thank you for your time and effort. I was able to figure it out but was able to do so thanks to those threads you provided.

For me, my solution was adding the label - "traefik.docker.network=NetworkName"

Even though I had it declared, still had to add the label for some reason.

Thank you!

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