Trying to setup Collabora behind Traefik, doesn't appear on the dashboard

I have quite a few services running with no issues at all. So so super-charge my Nextcloud instance I thought to add Collabora to it. So I googled some and found a suitable docker-compose setup. I had to change the labels to fit my setup. The container do start just fine tells me that it accepts connections. But the URL is not working nor does the domain appear on the Traefik dashboard. What kind of mistake have I done here?

    container_name: collabora
    restart: unless-stopped
    image: collabora/code
      - ./appdata/collabora:/config
      - ./appdata/nextcloud:/data
      - ./appdata/collabora/shared:/shared
#    ports:
#      - 9980:9980
      - MKNOD
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - domain=cloud.${P_DOMAIN}
      - username=${COLLABORA_USER}
      - password=${COLLABORA_PW}
      - server_name=${COLLABORA_DOMAIN}
      - proxy
      - traefik.enable=true
      - traefik.http.routers.collabora.rule=Host:${COLLABORA_DOMAIN};PathPrefix:/
      - traefik.http.routers.collabora.entrypoints=websecure      
      - traefik.http.routers.collabora.headers.STSSeconds=63072000
      - traefik.http.routers.collabora.headers.browserXSSFilter=true
      - traefik.http.routers.collabora.headers.contentTypeNosniff=true

I don’t think the this is correct, check the rule docs.

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That was correct but still I am not able to connect to the Collabora container from Nextcloud.

Can you show your correct configuration?