TraefikEE v2.x installation on-prem Kubernetes


Newbie to TraefikEE and Ingress install/set up. We have Docker EE on-premise v1.14.8 installed and running into issues with TraefikEE 2.x installation.
The documentation states that a default storageclass needs to be configured, I believe that it's not mandatory since we can refer to a storageclass in generated manifest YAML file, which I did to resolve errors related to storageclass(SC). The SC was created as 'local' provisioner with WaitForFirstConsumer volumeBindingMode, not set as default SC.

I am now getting below error, I don't recall anything about this in the documentation.
Can anyone give any insight on this error since this is keeping the controller pod in 'Pending' state?

Warning  FailedMount  kubelet, MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "join-token" : secret "default-tokens" not found

Also see below warning in 'describe' command for TraefikEE ns pods, under claim name data-default-controller-0, not sure if we need to do anything here since StatefulSet is supposed to create node specific PVs during pod(s) creation, is this understanding correct?

Warning  FailedScheduling   default-scheduler  0/3 nodes are available: 3 node(s) didn't find available persistent volumes to bind.



Thanks for your interest in Traefik Enterprise Edition. Even if you are running a trial license to evaluate it feel free to log a ticket at our support platform,, as that is the right place to ask for help regarding EE and it will ensure you get an answer faster :wink:

The problem could be that your StorageClass doesn't have an automatic provisioner service, thus the volume claim gets created but no one is actually listening to it to create the persistent volume requested.

In this case you could try to manually create a persistent volume using that StorageClass with the minimum requested size (10Gb as default in the TraefikEE controller statefulset). And when the claim gets created it will bind to it if available.

Yes, I was missing a PV set up, was able to resolve the error once I have SC, PV referencing that SC, and traefikEE manifest YAML with reference to the SC name.