Traefik with kubernetes: problems with 2.3+ with microk8s on Ubuntu (not on debian)

Hi, disclaimer: I'm studying kubernetes and what follows is my attempt to understand what's going on.
I'm using microk8s and I want to use Traefik that I have been using for a while in docker w/ great satisfaction.
I added an ingress-traefik-controller as a hostNetwork: it works just fine with microk8s (1.20) on debian and it works on ubuntu 18.04 (microk8s 1.20) up to 2.3 (excluded). I repeat traefik 2.2 works in both but 2.3 just on debian. Same configurations and pods.
How can I debug if the Ingress rules are applied (I mean to add the dashboard but I have not yet done it, any updated resource link is appreciate).


Hi, just in case this shows up in the future. I ended up reinstalling the test server and installed Ubuntu 20.04 and it just worked out of the box.