Traefik v3 CLI argument unknown

I want to configure traefik:v3 to expose tracing spans.

docker run --rm -it traefik:v3.0 [...] --tracing=true --tracing.otlp=true [...]

I get, following the docs, following error:

{"level":"error","error":"command traefik error: failed to decode configuration from flags: field not found, node: otlp","time":"2024-02-05T16:37:14Z","message":"Command error"}

What am I doing wrong configuring the otlp connector?


it's because the configuration has been changed.
The PR 10223 has been merged the 2024-01-08.
The latest v3 release (v3.0.0-beta5) has been created in 2023-11-29.

The documentation has been updated by the PR.
You will have to wait for the next v3 release to be able to use this configuration.

The previous key was opentelemetry instead of otlp.

Note: v3 is in a beta phase, breaking changes can happen.

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