Traefik v2 with Kubernetes Ingress - not supported?


I am unable to find documentation on traefik v2 with kubernetes native ingress, only about Kubernetes CRD. It is deprecated or what?

google gives a couple of links, but now they return 404:
/user-guide/kubernetes/ gives 404
/configuration/backends/kubernetes/ gives 404

although I can find it in v1.7 docs

Using CRD is more flexible (in terms of traefik) but also it is uglier, provides less flexibility (in terms of moving from traefik to another ingress controller). I would like to continue using Kubernetes Ingress and have access to up-to-date documentation.

Any statement from someone who knows the topic on that? Will Ingress be supported? Is it supported now? Where are the docs?

There is documentation here about using the standard Kubernetes Ingress.


But it lacks the whole Annotations sections as it was with v1.7 Traefik Kubernetes Ingress docs

Is it expected?

Yes the annotations has been removed in favor of our CRD (IngressRoute)

I suspect they're the same, but that's just a guess as I have not tested in 2.0. I assume the documentation needs updating.

No we have remove the support of the annotations.

This is a little bit sad in my case. I am forced to move to CRD to stay updated. Anyway, thanks for helping us (the users) figure it out!