Traefik v2 tls example

Hi all,

I was looking for a clear example on how to setup Traefik v2 as reverse proxy with TLS for development and for production (with Let's encrypt). Using Docker as provider.
Also, I would help if you can let me know or point me on a how to generate the certificates.

I've found several examples, but all are from v1, and also I'm confused about the certificates (.crt, .key?. pem?)


The .crt, pem and .key files are for certificates that are not managed by LetsEncrypt. There are still quite a number of issues I am finding with 2.0.0-rc2 I don't really recommend you switch to it even for development unless you need something that 2.0.0 provides that 1.7 does not.

In my case 2.0.0 provides the TCP routing which is not available in 1.7. Aside from that, the complexity and the fact that "every little thing" has to be defined in labels reduces your development scaling opportunities. 2.0.0 also does not provide support for KV stores for the ACME certificates so you cannot horizontally scale your Traefik instances in production.

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Thanks for your feedback @trajano.
I'll follow your recommendation and come back to 1.7.

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