Traefik V2 error 404 page not found

Hello, I have a big problem on my reverse proxy, if someone can give me a clue or see where the problem comes from I thank him very much! :grin:

File docker-compose.yml


my dynamic file :

The configuration seems good and yet I get an error 404 page not found...

for the logs here is what it gives me :

I also cannot see the http services/routers when i'm going on traefik interface...
Thanks to you

Hello @PKXL

You have duplicates in your configuration. I recommend keeping static configuration in one place because they are mutually exclusive. If you use a file provider, stick to it and keep everything in the file. That will make your configuration more readable and easier for further maintenance.

If you use Traefik with TLS termination there is no need to implement TLS between Traefik and your backend - referring to your dynamic config - just use HTTP.

In the log file, there are error entries that no entrypoint has been correcly started, probably because of the duplicates that I mentioned.

Let us know the results once you adopt those configuration changes, you can use a code snipper to share config files.

Thank you,

Have you solved this? I get this issue as well