Traefik v2.11 Proposal


With some other Traefik maintainers, we're gearing up for a potential release of Traefik v2.11 and we wanted to loop you in on the action.

You can find more information in the dedicated Github proposal.

Don't hesitate to join the discussion.

Thanks for the effort. So you want us to name the bugs and features that are close to our heart, which we would like to get delivered with v2.11?

I got some :slight_smile:

In general it’s really annoying for new users to understand first static and dynamic config, and then learn that not all dynamic configs are created equal, as docker labels are missing some of the dynamic file functionality. But that’s probably for v3 or v4.

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Hello @bluepuma77,

Thank you for the feedback.

After discussing the scope with many people, with the other maintainers, we've settled that it's better to release a light v2.11 to focus on v3.0.

In your propositions, I've seen a couple of issues are enhancements on which we'd love the community help.
If contributors open PRs addressing these topics, we'll gladly review them.

Sadly I am no go developer, only JS and Python.

Why don’t you create some kind of Patreon (donation platform), where people can give a little money dedicated to bugs or features. That is then handed to developers.

Kind of intransparent to me is the development roadmap. There are Traefik employees, there are independent contributors, who is setting the priorities of what is implemented?

I am just interested as I am seeing with another open source tool, that pull requests are sitting unaccepted for multiple months, even though the community is interested.

Update: there is a related post :slight_smile: