Traefik v2.0 Forward Client Certificate


Hope the Traefik community and team is doing well!

I have a quick question in regards to forwarding a client certificate to an authentication server. I am running Traefik v2.0 in a Docker Swarm environment. I setup Traefik v2.0 middleware to forward requests to an external authentication server. Yay! This is awesome, and I see the request going to my authentication server. The problem I am running into is with this config line:

- "traefik.http.middlewares.test-auth.forwardauth.tls.cert=path/to/foo.cert"

The authentication server I have setup authenticates a user with a certificate in his/her web browser. However, when the request gets forwarded to the authentication server, the certificate being sent over is the certificate located in the Traefik container (in this case foo.cert), not the certificate located in the user's web browser. Is there a way I can change 'path/to/foo.cert' to be the user's certificate in his/her web browser, and send that certificate over to the authentication server?

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