Traefik to Traefik SNI connect

I have to host multiple domains from my Traefik edge server. I have a main Traefik container that intercepts all traffic coming in and need to forward the traffic to the respective Traefik containers based on domain names.

For example:
mymaindomain_com accepts all traffic coming in and is open to the internet on ports 80 and 443
I need to set up 2 domains that accept requests to myclientdomain1_com and myclientdomain2_com
So, I need the Traefik server at to accept all the requests and forward to request to and myclientdomain2_com based on SNI. I need to do the client domain TLS at the client Traefik server.
The main reason for this is that, I would like to bring up and take down the client docker swarm stacks without affecting the main domain Traefik server.

I have underscores instead of periods because the blog software is not allowing more than 4 "links" in a blog post :slight_smile: