Traefik Swarm multiple manager with a single Public IP


I just entered the world of Traefik and I'm already feeling all the power it offers. Although I already have an environment under approval, I had a doubt about how to raise this infrastructure in production in front of my scenario.

I only have one Public IP and I would like to know how to work this since I have 3 manager nodes.

Currently I've done NAT from my public ip to one of the manager's servers and it works fine. But if I lose that node where my NAT is pointing, access to my cluster drops.

So how could I solve this with 3 manager and only one Public IP?

PS: Sorry my English. Greetings from Brazil!

Hello @groliveira18

Thanks for using Traefik!

Basically speaking you can point to each of the nodes that is a member of your Docker Swarm Cluster. Thanks to the built-in service mesh into Swarm the network traffic should be correctly routed to the Traefik instance. Even if you have only one Traefik instance deployed the request will hit the Traefik service and then will be routed down to the backend.

See the docs for Docker Swarm:

Hello my friend. Your help was essential!

I'm working with Traefik perfectly!

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