Traefik spamming docker logs

My traefik logs are unusably full of messages like:

traefik_traefik.0.xma8ofmrvla4@lab719    | time="2020-10-07T20:14:22Z" level=error msg="service \"fluentd\" error: port is missing" container=log-fluentd-7vw8mmg7kwbgahw8sr8kj4dek providerName=docker
traefik_traefik.0.xma8ofmrvla4@lab719    | time="2020-10-07T20:14:22Z" level=warning msg="Could not find network named 'traefik' for container 'log_fluentd.dw6nbgt9egxhwbxvlywqogroc'! Maybe you're missing the project's prefix in the label? Defaulting to first available network." serviceName=log-fluentd container=log-fluentd-dw6nbgt9egxhwbxvlywqogroc providerName=docker

Is there some way to turn this off without going through hundreds of compose files and adding traefik.enable=false?


You can set exposedbydefault to false.

this entails retroactively adding traefik.enabled=true to a lot of services.