Traefik routing with consul, simple failover

I'm looking to see if traefik can do the following; I think the answer is "No", but thought it would be good to double check here :).

We're using consul for service discovery in traefik. We have a service which registers in consul and all health checks pass; there are (or can be) at least a few backends registering in consul for this service (n > 1).

Due to interaction with other service components not discussed here, this particular service does not yet support sessions from multiple backends, so we cannot simply use traefik round-robin loadbalancing with a sticky cookie.

It would be nice to have a multiplicity of these backends running, though, and have traefik select just one of them, and use it exclusively, and only switch to another healthy backend (randomly or otherwise) if the first one it was using fails. This would be like a hot-failover scenario. It would not require a sticky cookie.

I don't think traefik supports doing something like this, does it?