Traefik Reverse Proxy: How to debug middleware activity?

Hi there,

Simple question: how to debug what Traefik does regarding middleware operations, like replacepathregex for example.
I've struggled with a case that I need to check in logs but could not find anything about it...

What I understand is:

  • Traefik shows the incoming request (with path, and without host and body)
  • once the request reaches Traefik, there is no way to know if the regex happened but to use external tools between Traefik and the backend service

Am I right ? Or do you have any advice or a way to go with debugging this part ?

Thank you all,

Hi @Yoki,

thanks for your interest in Traefik!

Maybe you could set up a catchall router catchall with the middleware, and expose a traefik/whoamicontainer.

And then you could find the information in the displayed headers and paths.

(I did not test that.)

Hi @svx !

First of all, thanks a lot for your answer.
Well, even if I hoped there was an embed solution (like a configuration) inside Traefik, I think it would be a great (last) option to try :slight_smile:

Thanks !