Traefik Release: v2.0.0-rc1

Hi Folks!

We are thrilled to announce that Traefik 2.0 RC1 is available :partying_face: !

It means that we need your help to track down every little bug :bug: that has slipped through the cracks of our many (many) tests.

Yes, it means that the following features in Traefik are now ready!

  • :arrows_clockwise: TCP support! (and SNI routing)
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Middleware to fully customize your routes
  • :sailboat: An elegant Kubernetes CRD for better readability and control over your configuration
  • :woman_teacher: A new Rule syntax that supports operators and parentheses
  • :mailbox_with_no_mail: Cross-Provider support to mix rules and to route between many sources
  • :seedling: TLS termination per route
  • :label: A whole new label system for configuration consistency
  • :lock: Certificate resolvers that support multiple certificate providers, DNS providers, dynamic wildcard, and that enable per domain challenge.
  • :jigsaw: An improved API with enhanced error reporting
  • :wrench: YAML support!
  • :arrow_double_down: A dedicated CORS middleware for easy configuration
  • :plate_with_cutlery: Re-designed constraint management to automatically create routes to your services
  • :bird: Load balancing between services (canary deployments anyone?) and mirroring
  • :spider_web: A new WebUI!

As we release Traefik, we're still migrating providers to keep making Traefik the polyglot it is!

Currently, RC1 supports:

  • Docker :whale: ,
  • Kubernetes :sailboat: ,
  • Rancher :cow2: ,
  • Marathon :running_woman:,
  • And configuration files :writing_hand:.

Try it: