Traefik Proxy plugins - can't compile when using opa/rego ( yaegi limitation)

Hi there,

I'm working on an authorization scheme and wanted to build a plugin that would directly use Rego (Open Policy Agent) based on client certificate. The use-case is that machines ( not a human) are calling an API.

It looks like the complexity of a code that yaegi is able to digest is somewhat limited. As soon as I try to import a a bigger package (such as opa/rego) it fails to process it. In case with OPA it is panic'ing with "panic: reflect: embedded type with methods not implemented if there is more than one field".

I vendor the dependency, as required.

Is it possible to overcome this, or is my only hope is to build an external service to process the logic based on data coming from the plugin? Is that correct that I'd be limited to http only, as I wouldn't be able to use grpc, I guess, due to the same complexity limitation of yaegi?

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