Traefik proxy 2.10.4 - entrypoint middleware @file dissapears form to the route without errors, but it's present (loaded and configured) in traefik

Hello everyone.
First of all I would like to thank to the team for this amazing product (traefik-proxy).

I am using traefik-proxy 2.10.4 and I have run into a very interesting issue, namely with a middleware attached to an entrypoint.
I have been following this advice Configure a middleware for all IngressRoutes and it works, but from time to time one of the middlewares is not applied,(dissapears) to the routes.
I see it in the dashboard/#/http/middlewares dashboard, but when I click it I don't see any ingresses "under it".
I also do not see it loaded into the routes at dashboard/#/http/routers/example-router
There is another middleware, attached to the entrypoint that is a plugin, and it just works fine. The issue is with the built in "headers" middleware.

I have the same setup deployed to 2 other environments, in which everything is working as expected, it's only 1 (at this moment) environment that has this issue.

They are both @file type middlewares.

I suspect this happens when pods get replaced for any reason. In any case it happens after some time has passed and traefik runs for a while.
There is no error in the logs and I see that the middleware is loaded properly, it's just not attached to all the ingress routes.
Any ideas on what can the culprit be, or where can I dig deeper?
Thank you!

Share your full config, try to make it reproducible. Where is the difference in your two setups, that one works and one does not?

Hi bluepuma77,
thank you for your reply
I will try to sanitize the config first, but there's no difference between the environments.
I just tried and upgraded traefik to 2.10.5 and I immediately got the same issue on the upgraded environment. the remove-headers@file was applied to all the routes and suddenly it wasn't
So now I've 2 envs with the same issue.

I am deploying traefik via helm but testing with docker-compose.
I am looking at the logs as we speak.
Config map with dynamic value.
Here's an excerpt from the config

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: traefik-dynamic-config
  config.yaml: |
              Enabled: bool
              Headername: some-header-name
              header-1: ""
              header-2: ""
              header-3: ""

Args passed to traefik

- ""
- ""
- "--entrypoints.web.http.middlewares=remove-headers@file"
- "--entrypoints.web.http.middlewares=x-request-id-header@file"

Ok I tried something because when I was trialing traefik I noticed that when you name the middlewares in a certain way they don't load, namely I was having issues with the following plugin and name
The issue was so weird that I had to put a comment in the docker-compose file.

## x-request-id-<anything> good
## x-request-id bad

SO what I did is I changed the
- "--entrypoints.web.http.middlewares=remove-headers@file"
- "--entrypoints.web.http.middlewares=removeHeaders@file

And the configmap config file

              header-1: ""
              header-2: ""
              header-3: ""

So far it looks good. Let's see if there's an issue down the line.

It would be nice if the team can have a look and confirm what am I experiencing.

If you are convinced its a bug, I would rather open an issue at Traefik Github.

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That's a good idea. I would leave this for a couple of days to see if someone else responds and to see if I don't get the issue anymore.
If both are satisfied I will open an issue on GH.