Traefik pop-up login

I have a problem, I am using the traefik v2.10 ingress controller and installed via helm with the basic options, the problem is that when there is a request that needs authentication, traefik instead of forwarding directly to the backend gives 401 it generates an authentication popup, this impacts the front-end. I would like to know if it is a bug or some configuration.

Either Traefik (through middleware) or your backend is sending a "401 Unauthorized" status back to the browser. The browser then asks for user/pass in a popup, and will send the hashed user/pass with the next request.

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Thank you very much, this helped me to find a solution, it seems that when it gives 401 a header www-authenticate is sent and the browser triggers the popup, all I did was download a header rewrite plugin and leave a null value for this header