Traefik pointing to proxmox

Hello I'm trying to point my traefik k3s instance to my proxmox machine can you please help

Your question is a bit high level. Can you go a bit deeper? What do you want to achieve?

I would like to use the traefik instance I have set up on my kubernetes cluster to locally access proxmox for e.g but I dont know how to get the kubernetes traefik to point to the proxmox machine which sits on a different ip
for eg. my kubernetes runs on ..0.10
and my proxmox runs on ..0.12

Either you enable Traefik Service Discovery or you manually set a router and service with a dynamic config file.

can you guide me as I am new to traefik and kubernetes you see, so i'm still finding my way round

are u still there? i could do with the help

Read the documentation, see how router and service works (doc). Then check dedicated router and service pages for k8s annotation.

There is also some dedicated Traefik k8s documentation available, Internet search is your friend.

Unfortunately, the traefik docs look complicated to me but thanks anyway

If Traefik doc looks complicated, how do you deal with Proxmox and k8s/k3s :interrobang:

like i said i'm new and trying to learn, i also suffer from learning difficulties as well hence why it is easier for someone to guide me through the process as i understand it better.