Traefik on Kubernetes wrong Client IP on incoming connections

I am running my Application on Azure Kubernetes Services AKS 20.7. We are using Traefik in the Front End as Load Balancer, Traefik version we are using is V2.4.9. We are using a traefik-10.0.0.tgz file in the source code which is installing and setting up the traefik LB on deployment. We are not using individual traefik yaml. Issue we are seeing is that all the client requests in the App are coming with incorrect IPs in the Backend. We are expecting the requests to show up the individual Client IPs but we are seeing the IP address of the backend Kubernetes Pods specifically - the backend kubernets csi pods. I wanted the requests to have the Actual Client IPs. I was reading some posts where they are asking to set the - service.spec.externalTrafficPolicy to local in the service definition, here is the Service type is LoadBalancer. Now since we are deploying the traefik using the tgz file is there a way to set the externalTrafficPolicy to True in Files which are part of the tgz.This is the source of the traefik tgz file - traefik 10.3.2 ยท traefik/traefik . Pl help and suggest your thoughts.