Traefik on a MACVLAN net container on BRIDGE

I have setup Traefik on a MACVLAN network and another container running Nginx (just for testing). When the NGinx container is bound to the MACVLAN network my setup works. When I switch that same NGinx Container over to the default bridge network i get a 504 error. I have verified that Traefik is picking up the right IP when on either network. I did search the forums and found references to and have tried that as show below. If anyone has thoughts I would be most grateful.

Is there maybe more information I can include to try to get an answer here? I am currently stuck on moving 2 dozen containers to the new hosts pending getting this resolved.

Are you sure, that your issue is trafik related, and not a docker issue in general? I've had some problems with macvlan in the past which were completely traefik unrelated...

In terms of information, the best you can do is to provide a minimal way to reproduce your results.