Traefik No Longer Working :(

I've been running Traefik 2 (using Cloudflare) successfully on a home server for months. I followed the guide (and updated github examples) from SmartHomeBeginner. The other day, I started getting 522 errors when accessing my container web interfaces through their respective URLs. I just spent 12 straight hours trying to figure out the issue, including rebuilding the traefik deployment from the ground up, and can't figure it out. Would be SO SO SO grateful for help. Here's what I can discern:

  • Traefik is not giving me any errors--all routers/middlewares showing as successful
  • I can access the containers directly from a remote network by using my WAN IP (when port forwarding is enabled for those ports, of course)
  • The issue doesn't seem to be middleware-dependent at all
  • Have verified that new certificates are being created without issue (as far as I can tell)
  • Cloudflare error page indicates that the error is at the host
  • I have verified that ports 80 and 443 are being forwarded from the router to the host

I'm desperate here!