Traefik logs showing adding certificate, but webpage doesnt contain a certificate

i am trying to use my own ssl certificate to configure TLS on traefik. in the logs i can see that

{"level":"debug","msg":"Adding certificate for domain(s)","time":"2023-07-24T02:21:40Z"}

however, when i try to hit, it says that the website does not have a certificate even though the logs show otherwise. i am not sure how else to debug this issue and any help would be greatly appreciated.

here is my tls.toml dynamic config file


    certFile = "/path/webserver_cert.crt"
    keyFile = "/path/webserver_cert.key"
    stores = ["default"]

        certFile = "/path/webserver_cert.crt"
        keyFile = "/path/webserver_cert.key"

        # Requires cert, which must be signed by CA listed in caFiles 
        # clientAuthType = "RequireAndVerfiyClientCert"
        clientAuthType = "VerifyClientCertIfGiven"
        caFiles = [

the certificate, key and CA files are mounted onto a volume with path /path

and here is my static config in traefik.toml, where tls.toml is located within /config

    directory = "/config"
    watch =  true

You need to "enable" plain TLS on entrypoint or router.

    address = ":8443"

i have enabled tls in the entrypoint that i am using

Try adding the port: