Traefik Logs - append date to file

I am running Traefik as a docker container, I have my logs output to a directory on the local server (using a mapped volume on docker).

is there a way to append the date to the log file using the cli. this is my current command from my docker-compose - "--log.filePath=c:/traefik-data/traefik.log"

ideally i would like the filename to be traefik-yyyymmdd.log (traefik-20200127.log)
I will then write a simple script to clean up this directory and remove log files older that 2 weeks old.


Ideally you could use a log rotation tool to rotate the logs, but unfortunately windows does not handle the required user signals:


Shame, thanks for the response.
maybe I knock something up in powershell which does what I'm after.